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Sunday Sesh of Aussie Made Metal


Sunday Sesh of Aussie Made Metal

2:30pm, Sun 22 November, 2020

Event Details

Six bands will come together from around South East QLD and Northern NSW to bring you a Sunday Session of Aussie Made Metal.

The Cilikis will open the day with their instrumental Jazz fusion metal with a 40 min set that will wow you.

Metalcore band Revoid are currently getting their 2020 EP Reform & Regret out there, don’t miss this Brisbane Band.

Sunshine Coast band Oceanshores are back after the band found themselves unable to play most of the year due to injury. Drawing influences from abrasive old school metalcore as well as chaotic hardcore bands they blend this with a modern sound. Bring your sweat bands and gym gear and stay hydrated before a show with OceanShores because throwing down is imminent.

The explosive metal sound of 𝐓𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 consists of front Man Matty who's spent the last 15 years making poor life choices and has now decided he has something to say about it.

Guitarist Sammy who's string snapping pick melting technique may not be as per manufacturer's recommendations.

Guitarist Shane who brings an element of depth to the heavy riffs and flowing harmonies while keeping the rhythm tight like a tennis shoe.

Bassist Coxy he jumped straight into the deep end switching from guitar to bass upon joining the band, bringing a brutally fierce low end with melodic groove.

Drummer Mick a dynamic hard hitter bringing an eclectic mix of technical, thrash and pounding drumming to the line up.

Last 9 Days is a 5 man wrecking crew from Brisbane with hard hitter Damien Biggers on Drums. Forming in late 2014 from other established Australian metal acts, they hit the local scene with a sharp edged thrash attack and haven’t stopped since. Casey Dutton up front on vocals is ready to rip you a new one.

 Closing the night are Northern NSW Band Scourge of Suffering.

Scourge of Suffering are a 4 piece death metal/ grindcore band from Byron Bay who have focused on creating an aggressive punchy sound that incorporates the New York hardcore style and traditional 1980’s death metal with the groove of Goijera. Creating a dynamic new sound that is reminiscent of the old school days of underground metal.

They have a selection of songs which were designed to break skulls and snap necks whether you knew the songs or not. “We focused everything on vibe. The song construction is based around punters who go to gigs and may not know the songs yet".