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KEiiNO - KEiiNOZ Tour 2022

The Hard Rock Cafe & The Harbour Agency

KEiiNO - KEiiNOZ Tour 2022

11:00pm, Fri 25 February, 2022
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KEiiNOs highest value motto is "unity in diversity", and the group aims to be a voice for minorities and alternative thinkers in the mainstream popsphere. Since their debut in January 2019, KEiiNO have built a strong fanbase with followers all over the world. Their platinum debut single, "Spirit In The Sky» was nominated for "Song of the Year" at the Norwegian Grammys, and has won4 Scandipop-awards. The track has charted#1 on the Norwegian sales-charts, along with reaching#2 on Spotifys Global Viral 50, and #10 on the Global iTunes Charts. The chart topper was even ranked the "third best song of 2019" by Popjustice.

KEiiNO placed first with the public vote at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, watched live by over 200 million peoplebut would finish 6th overall after jury votes were accounted for. Their mix of uplifting dance-pop, Nordic Folk and Sámi Joik 

has truly touched a global audience as the band would receive top points from the UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In 2021 KEiiNO had a new platinum-hit in Norway with MONUMENT, and the hard-working band have released 23 songs the last 3 year. KEiiNO has toured extensively across Norway and Europe, including a sold out show in London and playing the Madrid, Cologne and Stockholm Pride Festivals. In October 2019, the trio went on a successful tour of Australia and started their next project ;recording music indigenous artists from around the world. Their critically acclaimed album OKTA was released during the pandemic and included a collaboration with Australian act Electric Fields.

Before KEiiNO, Alexandra Rotan was world famous DJ Alan Walker’s live vocalist while Fred Buljo toured with Sami rap-duo Duolva Douttar. Tom Hugo composed hits for Japanese and Korean Pop Stars including XO, TVXQ and SHiNee. In the autumn of 2021, lead singer Alexandra came second in the major Norwegian TV-show "Stjernekamp" (Battle of the Stars) where she performed a version of John Farnham's "Your the voice" as one of the songs in the final.

KEiiNO is working hard to bring excitement to a live-audiences, and is successfully adding «KEiiNOfied» covers to their live set. Now they are ready to once again bring music to the world with new releases and extensive touring in 2022.