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Terrace Co. - UTT, Rela & Kirby

The Lab

Terrace Co. - UTT, Rela & Kirby

7:30pm, Thu 20 May, 2021

Event Details

A Music/Design team specialising in beats, rapping and visuals.

Terrace Co. is a collective of artists specialising in Music, events and Visuals. UTT (Under The Table) - DJ duo consisting of Ned Magarey and Nick Astanei, displaying a more up-tempo/dance vibe that keeps your head nodding. UTT will be playing a DJ set on the night. Rela - DJ/Producer that displays a vast array of mellow styles. Influenced from a range of genres such as funk, soul, RnB and Hiphop, but very much his own unique style. Rela will be playing a Beat set on the night. Kirby - Producer/Rapper that rhymes over his own production, mainly with slow jazzy boom bap vibes, but also delves into more up tempo genres. Kirby will be doing a rap set on the night with guest features also.