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Sydney Comedy Festival


6:45pm, Sat 18 May, 2024
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Rao Morusupalli, an astrophysics student turned comedian, presents "Fever Dream," a stand-up show that turns existential dread into uproarious laughter. Rao navigates the absurdities of modern life, making him a standout voice in comedy. His unique perspective has earned him a Judges’ Pick award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2023 and captivated an online audience, showcasing his ability to resonate across cultural and generational divides.

In "Fever Dream," Rao delves into societal norms, identity, and the unpredictable future, all while maintaining a relatable and insightful narrative. Described by wellington theatre review as "intelligent and charming," with a humor that effortlessly bridges the gap between personal anecdotes and broader societal commentary. His observational comedy, described by Binge Fringe Magazine as capturing "the feverish confusion of millennial life," offers audiences not just laughter but a genuine connection to the shared experiences of navigating today's world.

Rao invites audiences to explore themes of self-discovery and existential curiosity. "Fever Dream" is more than a comedy show; it's an invitation to laugh at the chaos of life, find common ground in our shared experiences, and celebrate the humor in our collective struggles. Don't miss the chance to see Rao Morusupalli, a comic force whose insightful, relatable humor offers a refreshing take on the world around us.