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Lauralee Faith and The Fat Wallet Blues Band + Hat Fitz & Cara

Perth Blues Club

Lauralee Faith and The Fat Wallet Blues Band + Hat Fitz & Cara

7:30pm, Tue 5 March, 2024
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Lauralee Faith and The Fat Wallet Blues Band + Hat Fitz & Cara

Lauralee Faith and The Fat Wallet Blues Band | 7.30pm

The Fat Wallet Blues Band performs a blues repertoire that features great songs by artists not always showcased on the WA blues scene – it’s our mission to keep things fresh and interesting whilst indulging our audience completely in the blues !
Amongst the different currencies in the Wallet we have:
Lauralee Faith – Vocals. With a voice that’s earned her winner of the WAM song of the year 2022, Lauralee’s vocal dynamics range from the deeply soulful, to powerful and intense, even soothingly sensitive - her voice is likely to reach parts of our audience that Heineken hasn’t even dreamed of yet! Dennis Thal – Guitar. Dennis is a Blues purist to the core, starting his musical career playing blues guitar in the late 60s, moving to London in the 70s and playing the pub scene there before returning to Zimbabwe, forming the original Fat Wallet Blues Band in the 90s and migrating to Australia in 2004 Vince Pavitt – Drums. Vince has been playing in and around Perth for over 20 years ago. He’s recognised for his tasty fills, groove and timekeeping and best known for his work with top Perth funk/blues band Bloozology. Peter Altmeier-Mort – Bass. A multi-instrumentalist and composer/arranger, Peter has led a diverse career as a professional musician. He has worked and performed with many national popular-music identities and various media organisations in the Eastern states and has played guitar and bass with Indigo Duck, The Howling Desperados, Suzi & The Reptiles in Perth. Geoff Sedgwick – Keyboards. Geoff has played keyboards in and around Perth over the last 20 years in various bands across several genres. He finds the opportunity to re-kindle the spirit of the original Fat Wallet Blues Band and the musical collaboration with Lauralee, Dennis, Vince and Peter to be pretty damn exciting.

Hat Fitz & Cara | 9.00pm

Hat Fitz & Cara’s musical style is a unique combination of folk, roots and gospel blues with old time flavourings reminiscent of a time once forgotten.
Hat Fitz is a “veteran” wild man of the blues scene in Australia.  He has a record 18 straight appearances at Byron’s East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, a record that is not likely to ever be broken, and one which bears testimony to his amazing live performances and popularity with festival goers.
Cara draws on her soul background (she’s toured Europe and the United States with singers such as Jamiroquai and the hugely popular Corinne Bailey-Rae), and although blessed with a sensational voice she was not content to be labelled as ‘just a singer’. She has taken to drumming duties as well as washboards, flute and tin whistle, sometimes all at once.
Together this pair will take you on a musical journey with ample, boisterous highs, and longing, bluesy lows. From the Australian outback to the Canadian shield, Hat Fitz & Cara put on a show that is guaranteed to energize and invigorate.
“Hat Fitz and Cara have the songs, the musical ability, the drive and the self belief to offer something refreshingly vibrant and new” Get Ready To Rock – Pete Feenstra