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Cell Block 69

Greenroom Canberra Presents

Cell Block 69

8:00pm, Fri 20 December, 2013

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Cell Block 69 – From the 1980’s to you. Cell Block 69 is definitely the world’s greatest band. No amount of hair spray, nor fluorescent leg warmers, nor any item of stereotypical 80’s fashion could equal the awesomeness that exudes when the nine Coreys of Rock (and to a lesser extent synth pop) unite for their annual “Stadium Spectacular” in beloved Canberry.

Cell Block 69 are renowned for playing more 'last' shows ever, than that of even John Farnham. Sadly though, Cell Block did actually call it quits in 2011 by playing their very final annual 'last show ever" waving goodbye to their loyal Canberrian fans. It seemed that Cell Block 69 were gone forever and with them, went the 1980's. That is until the next year in two thousand and nineteen eighty twelve when they triumphantly returned to play their greatest hits in full !

It hasn't always been easy for Cell Block 69 and the band is no stranger to tragedy. If claiming to have your songs stolen by the likes Prince, Duran Duran, Devo and Billy Idol wouldn't express enough heartache, imagine the pain endured by former guitarist Corey Spelling back in the year two thousand and nineteen ten when after inhaling the fumes of his own hairspray, he fell to the floor and broke his hairstyle. "He never really recovered" explained Duanne Le Corey-Michaels. "We haven't seen or heard from him since. And then of course there's drummer Corey RoKK SiXXXxxXXX. That man's a walking miracle. He's had an arm transplant after a car accident and after surviving a shark attack, he's had a new leg transplanted. A leg grown from a stem cell taken from the DNA of Usain Bolt. Despite it being somewhat longer than his other leg, he's quite fond of it".

Getting to the point though, it seems that the rumours surrounding the apparent discovery of previously unreleased material (unreleased by Cell Block 69 that is) are indeed true. "We're coming back Canberry" states Le Corey-Michaels. "We love you loving us".