Bianka Ismailovski - WORKING GIRL | 8-10th May 2024

Bianka Ismailovski - WORKING GIRL | 8-10th May 2024

7:00pm, Wed 8 May, 2024 - 7:00pm, Fri 10 May, 2024
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Bianka Ismailovski

Comedy  Australian

You’re not going to see corporate gear paired with dad sneakers here - Bianka Ismailovski isn’t *that* kinda working girl. She’s booked, blessed, and in her bag - working the oldest profession known to humankind.

Known for her outrageous storytelling, sass, wit, and charm - Bianka is here with her third solo standup show, taking you all on the ride through her sex work career. Laugh out loud at the absolute gag-worthy life Bianka leads and get ready for an all-access pass into her wild lifestyle.

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Bianka’s sharp wit, bite-sized sketches, sex-positivity and outright thirst-trapping have collected her an online following of close to 20,000 like-minded babes. With her openness and joy in sharing her incredible journey from being a seemingly heteronormative married wife to Australia’s number one ethically non-monogamous, sober, bisexual, chronically ill divorcée comedian, Bianka invites us all to treat ourselves more kindly and live our best lives.


Find out what shenanigans Bianka has been up to in her brand new show.


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Under 18's need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.