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Banks Arcade-Future Lovers Tour

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Banks Arcade-Future Lovers Tour

8:00pm, Sat 25 February, 2023
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Supported by Post hardcore/Emo Bellehaven and local legends SIGNV/S + Throwaway

The first lyrics put to paper for Banks Arcade were “I always wanted to make history” and through every step of the way we have tried to live by that motto.

The band was formed on the sentiment of “wanting more” and from the get go BA tried to push any boundaries as far as they could go.

Theres always been an intensity to the way we work. Every project is worked on with this fire and we always manage to thrive in chaos. We aren’t afraid to risk everything we have to create something extraordinary and no matter how much success we have we will always find a way to come back and connect with that element of risk and excitement in our process.

Combining our shared love of music with a modern aesthetic, the boys established their sound and, in 2020 independently released their sophomore EP “Fever Dreams” which amassed over a million streams.

Banks arcade is made up of characters with vastly different personalities and we are all crazy in our own right, but we have such a tight connection. Most of the time spent together is exciting and we love every second of it.

“We make modern music that is meant for big stages, we want to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, and we want to have a good f***** time while we’re at it. That’s about all we live for.”