Take Five: ROSHANI’S Top Five Albums

Written by Clodagh Mangan on 28th February, 2024
Take Five: ROSHANI’S Top Five Albums

This International Women's Day we're celebrating incredible female artists in the music scene and who better than rising-star ROSHANI. From busking on the streets while living in her van, ROSHANI crafted a one-woman live show using an eclectic mix of foot pedals, loop stations, guitars, synths, harmonica, and more. With a genre-bending style, ROSHANI seamlessly transitions from blues to soul, folk balladeer to electro house, creating a truly unique musical experience. She writes, produces, and performs all her music for both live shows and studio creations. We are thrilled to sit down with ROSHANI as she takes us through her top five albums of all time!

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Words by ROSHANI:

To clarify this is seriously hard to nail down to five because SO many albums are my favourites - I narrowed this down to albums I go back to time and time again and still get the same glee from listening to them for the four hundred and fiftieth time. Here they are in no preferential order.

Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette

This album is one for the ages. Every time I put it on it blows my mind how good the songs are how good the poetry is, how good the vocal is and how good the production is - it might just be the perfect album.

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill

I found Lauryn Hill initially through the Sister Act films as a kid and fell in love with her voice from that moment. This album was introduced to me by a friend when I was in my late teens and it sits in my psyche like a guide book on life itself. Every return to this album feels like a warm hug from a wise shaman teacher.

Thriller - Michael Jackson

My Dad had a great set of stereo headphones when I was growing up, a great hi fi system and one of those old extremely heavy record players. Consequently, I had the joy of listening to Thriller on repeat sitting on a bean bag as a four year old with these headphones on listening to this masterpiece on vinyl over and over again. The songs, Quincy Jones's production, Michael's vocal genius, everything about this album transported me away to another world and I loved it. Vincent Prices speech at the end of the song Thriller used to scare the absolute bejeezus out of me too.

The Chosen Ones - The Black Sorrows

My childhood car album. There are songs on this album that form the fabric of the music in my soul. I would beg my parents to play certain tracks again and again because I was obsessed with the groove, the melody and the glorious harmonies.

Diamonds On The Inside - Ben Harper

This was my: "I'm 17 got my P's and cruising around in my car album" the blending of genres, the storytelling and the depth of feeling is stunning.