Five Must Watch Live Performances By Dave Matthews Band

Written by Jay-Dee on 5th September, 2019
Five Must Watch Live Performances By Dave Matthews Band

After Bluesfest Byron Bay officially announced the legendary Dave Matthews Band Easter Monday 2020 performance date earlier this week, we thought what better time to look back on some of our favourite live performances by the iconic US rockers. 

Dave Matthews Band emerged out of the 90s jam band movement, rising to become one of the scene's biggest acts. A point of pride for the band is that they play no song the same twice live. 

Check out our top 5 live songs below.

1. "Drunken Soldier" 2019 - Fans were treated to a powerful rendition of "Drunken Soldier" for the first time since 2015, a lilting and understated song that appeared on the band's 2012 album 'Away From The World', urging the crowd "Don't waste time trying to be something that you're not."

2. "Halloween" 2002 - Dave Matthews Band crosses over to the dark side with "Halloween", opening with a mind-blowing solo from drummer Carter Beauford, building into a dark and mesmerising crescendo, and letting loose when Dave hits those impossibly high notes.

3. "Anyone Seen the Bridge" 2008 - A tribute to the epic skills of saxophonist and Dave Matthews Band founding member LeRoi Moore, who tragically lost his life in a serious ATV accident, the stunning sax solo in this live version of "Anyone Seen the Bridge" was one of the last shows for this incredible artist.

4. "The Stone" 1999 - Get your heart-strings severely pulled by violinist Boyd Tinsley in this live rendition of "The Stone", battling it out on stage with frontman Dave Matthews, making his violin dip and soar and holding the crowd in the palm of his violin string-popping hands.

5. "Louisiana Bayou" 2005 - Dave Matthews Band brings it all to the stage with a ground-shaking live performance of "Louisiana Bayou", joined on stage by pedal steel guitarist and band favourite Robert Randolph, in a tip of the hat to some true Southern flavour.

Don't miss the jam-loving rockers on Monday 13 April at Bluesfest in 2020.

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