Can’t Make It To Your Event? Buy Or Sell A Ticket With Moshtix Resale

Written by Ryan O'Connor on 20th June, 2024
Can’t Make It To Your Event? Buy Or Sell A Ticket With Moshtix Resale

Forgot about your best friend's wedding this weekend? Constantly double booking yourself? Don't fret! We know you're booked and busy. That's why Moshtix Resale is here to save the date, ensuring your tickets don't go to waste while you're busy with life! You can now effortlessly resell your tickets to friends or family, helping your tickets find new life in the hands of other eager fans when you can't make it. You're welcome!

Check out our top tips to Resale below and find out how you can buy or sell tickets with Moshtix today.

An image showing that a ticket has been listed for resale

Here's how it works...

If you can no longer attend an event, you can list your ticket for Resale via your Moshtix account! After your tickets are up for Resale, we will provide you with a secure link that allows other fans to purchase your tickets. You will then be able to share this link with a friend or family member. Remember, the only way for other fans to view or purchase your tickets will be via the secure link and you will be responsible for sharing it with the purchaser.

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How does Resale benefit you?

Moshtix Resale allows sellers to pass their tickets on to other fans, ensuring their tickets don't go to waste and allowing the original purchaser to recoup their expenses (excluding any transaction fees, delivery fees and optional ticket upgrade fees paid). If your ticket is purchased, you'll receive the resale ticket price that you nominate, minus the Resale Service Fee displayed on the listing page.

With Moshtix Resale, buyers can score last minute tickets to otherwise sold-out shows, potentially even grabbing tickets at a competitive price (tickets cannot be listed for more than 110% of the price originally paid for the ticket (excluding transaction fees, delivery fees and optional ticket upgrade fees paid).

Here's how to sell your ticket using Resale:

Tickets can be listed for sale directly from your Moshtix account. It's important to ensure you have selected the correct event to list your tickets for Resale, noting that Resale may not be available for all events and ticket types. Any number of tickets in your order can be listed for Resale and the price can be set for each ticket (no more than 110% of the original price paid). Once you're happy with your selection, hit the purple 'Put Tickets Up For Resale' button and voila! Your ticket is ready to be purchased. Now, simply copy the secure link and share it with your buyer via message or social

Don't forget, you must share the link with your buyer in order for them to purchase your ticket! Keep an eye on your inbox too, we'll let you know when your tickets have been sold. If you don't have a Moshtix account you can sign up in seconds, making sure to use the email you purchased the tickets with. You will then be able to manage all of your tickets that you have purchased using that email.

Once your ticket has been purchased, funds will be paid to the original payment method used to purchase the ticket. If your ticket doesn't sell, it will remain valid for entry at the event.

Here's how to purchase a ticket using Resale:

If you know someone who has a ticket for Resale, you can purchase their ticket via the secure link provided when they listed their ticket. After clicking on the secure link, simply select your ticket and any extras you need, then complete the checkout process. The ticket will then be transferred to you, and you can get ready for your gig!

An image showing messages sent by a friend sharing a link to their ticket for resale
Click the link you've been shared, making sure the link is from Moshtix. We only list tickets to events sold on our site through the official event pages!
An image showing the event page with a ticket from resale
The ticket for resale will be listed in the blue box at the top of the page. You can select any other tickets you might want to buy at this time too!
An image showing the payment options for an event
Checkout like you usually would! You have all the options available that you would if you bought any other ticket from Moshtix.