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Virtual Production Workshop at Light ADL

Co-Hosted by PictureHire and ACS with Simon Kither, Richard Coburn & Chris Traianos

Virtual Production Workshop at Light ADL

5:30pm, Thu 12 October, 2023
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A groundbreaking, free to attend, workshop on Virtual Production at Light ADL, co-hosted by PictureHire, and ACS (Australian Cinematographer's Society).

This workshop is designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of filmmaking, cinematography, visual effects, and virtual production. Whether you are a producer, director, cinematographer, VFX artist, or simply curious about the latest advancements in the industry, this workshop will provide you with valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Thursday October 12, 5.30pm. Hosted at The Light Room Studio at Light ADL, Level 1, 63 Light Square, Adelaide, 5000.


Beginning with a presentation from Richard Coburn (Director) with virtual environments supplied by Chris Traianos (Clarity VR) on how Unreal Engine and Camera Tracking is used for Virtual Production, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding and have the opportunity to experiment for yourself with Light ADL’s 150sqm LED volume. Interact with and learn how these technologies revolutionise the way we create immersive virtual environments.

Then, presented by Richard Coburn and Simon Kither from Kither Co, discover cost-effective alternatives for tighter budget productions and explore the world of pre-rendered videos and LED wall backdrops that don't require complex camera tracking but still deliver stunning results. 


This interactive event will showcase the capabilities of entry-level virtual production inside The Light Room Studio’s LED Volume. Industry experts will guide you through a workshop that demystifies the process and empowers producers and directors to confidently explore this exciting medium. The session will also provide ample opportunity for asking actionable questions and experimenting with equipment kindly provided by PictureHire.

Drinks will be available for purchase at The Light Room Bar. This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and industry experts.