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2:00pm, Sat 28 October, 2023
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Halloween in Meanjin/Brisbane.. It's that special time of the year when the veil between subcultures is at its thinest.. and the line between punk and metal, and techno and drum and bass is blurred. What mutant sounds shall be created from this unholy mix-up!?

The Evil Zed is a 4ZZZ fundraising party that beckons to the unknowns and celebrates the extremes. Our beloved venue GREASER shall be your safe place* amidst the mayhem in the Valley on Saturday the 28th of October, with 11 bands, 14 DJs/Producers, two stages and 13 hours of underground sounds! Kicking off at 2pm and cranking all the way past the witching hour to 3am - The EVIL ZED really is a party unlike any other.

Get your tickets via Moshtix to the SUPERnatural event of 2023! All unisex shirt purchases will close Friday, September 29th, ensure you get your order in by this date. 



On the intimate GREASER stage, kicking off at 3pm will be 12 x bands playing all the punx and all the metalz >>


3:30pm | Shock Value  (Punk)

4:20pm | Awful Noise  (Grindcore)

5:10pm | Whoroboros (Punk)

6:00pm | Greig  (Noise Rock)

6:50pm | Dad Fight (Punk)

7:40pm |  Punktilious  (Punk)

8:50pm | PhD! (Pop Punk)

9:40pm | Hott Sexx (Punk)

10:30pm | Mitch, Please (Punk)

11:20pm | Asylum (Thrash Metal)

12:10am | Serpentum (Black Metal)

1:00am | Aidan Night & the Reverants (Goth)

+ DJ Judy Jetson! 


And on The Rave Stage in the garage, we are covering all the cores and all the teks >>


2:30pm | DJ PLAYPUSHER (horror s/track cutup fun)

3:30pm | MONSTERS AROUND US (live Metalwave opening ritual)

4:00pm | Orthotype-a (Deconstructed Club/Electronica)

5:00pm | *GABBER-OKE* (audience participation)

6:15pm | HallucinoJENic vs Cardiac Arrest (Gabber)

7:00pm | EEGZE (Jungle/Raggatek)

8:00pm | SKITZONYMIX (Neurofunk/Tough Tech)

9:00pm | KOYA DONKZ (Donk/Baseline/Breakcore)

10:00pm | LIL’POM POM (Booty Rave)

11:00pm | SLK (Hard Dance/Industrial Techno)

12:00am | `SPINECODE (Frenchcore)

1:00am | BACKSEAT DRIVER (Nails n Bass/Crossbreed/Hardcore)  

2:00am | HEAVY GORE (Hard Dance Nightmare)


The *GABBER-OKE Hour is back! Anyone who went to Jungle Love 2022 and visited RPLAYG in THE MAZE will vouch for how much fun this is! It’s all those quintessential trax you love to hate - with a GABBER beat :) And for all those ravers brave enough to have a go on the mic you also get back dancers.. back up HAKKEN Dancers!! For that authentic touch!

*Please note that 4ZZZ staff and PC Hotel staff are there to look out for y'all - party responsibly and please be sure to bring any issues of harassment or dodgy behaviour to staff members' attention. Greaser Bar is a venue that takes its customer's safety seriously.