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Self-Protection Essentials & Survivability Blueprint Tickets (Alpha + Bravo)

KEF-IC Instructor Justin Qubrosi

Self-Protection Essentials & Survivability Blueprint Tickets (Alpha + Bravo)

2:30pm, Sat 8 October, 2022 - 2:00pm, Sun 9 October, 2022
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Train in Paul Cale’s world-leading close-combat program used by Australian Special Forces & Army, tailored for everyday self-protection.

Train in Paul Cales world-leading close-combat program used by Australian Special Forces & Army, tailored for everyday self-protection.

The Personal Combatives courses in the KEF–IC syllabus use the same principles and core techniques as the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP). The difference? You learn only what’s applicable to tackling violence as a civilian. Battlefield rules of engagement are replaced with the laws of self-defence, and a soldier’s weapon systems are replaced with your body, and whatever you can legally carry or find at hand. But the mindset remains the same.  

A veteran of multiple combat tours with the 2nd Commando Regiment, former Sergeant Paul Cale literally rewrote the book on Special Forces Close-Quarter Fighting (CQF). He then created Infantry Integrated Combat (ICC), which later became the foundation for ACP — now the official close-combat training system for Australia’s general Army.

Kinetic Fighting is the culmination of all Cale’s work in combatives, and the name used to describe the method underpinning his military programs. Whether you want to learn mental strategies and tactical applications to make your existing martial arts skills more effective, or you need to build effective self-protection skills from the ground up, this course is for you.

You may even want to take your first steps toward a KEF–IC black belt. KEF–IC (Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat) is a new program within the Australian Army that combines tactical combative skills with free sparring/rolling and the competitive elements of the Integrated Combat Clubs, which are located at Army barracks Australia-wide. As an extension of ACP, KEF–IC provides the training principles and core syllabus required to give soldiers a survival skill set, and mindset to match. Every element of KEF–IC is focused toward real combat and was taught to non-military personnel for the first time in 2019.


  • Adaptable to any martial art or professional operational procedure
  • Suitable for civilians & front-line operators, from beginners to professionals
  • Backed by Paul Cale’s 25+ years of career military experience & 40 years in martial arts, as well as Justin’s own extensive experience and qualifications.


In this module (known as Alpha in the KEF–IC syllabus), you will cover the key aspects of surviving — and preventing — violent confrontation: mindset, tactics, legal and moral considerations, and functional, high-percentage techniques. You will also discover how KEF–IC’s battlefield origins inform everything that you learn, and how to adapt its proven principles to your own abilities and existing skill-sets (if applicable).


  • Age: Kando Members 15 and above welcome, external - 18 +
  • Experience: None — beginners welcome*

* (If you have previously completed the Alpha module or Alpha and Bravo, and would like to do a refresher, select refresher rate/pricing)

BRAVO (SUNDAY 9th October: 10:00AM - 2:00PM)

This course (a.k.a. Bravo module in the KEF–IC syllabus) will build on your Self-Protection Essentials (Alpha module) training with four hours of skill integration, reflex training and drills to help you develop your fundamental skills into an effective arsenal.

In this module you will be introduced to principles of adaptation and shown how free play and sparring/rolling can enhance tactical capability. Learn grappling skills applicable to real combat (tried and tested by former Commando SGT Paul Cale and his fellow Special Forces soldiers on the battlefield), and work on competitive drills where the objectives support tactical aims and develop your combative skill sets. This session provides the framework for your ongoing refinement and development of all the self-protection skills and strategies learned.

You will also receive a comprehensive training booklet for each module, along with a certificate and badge (which adheres to KEF–IC training gear) denoting your completion of these modules in the Kinetic Fighting system.

Prerequisites: Self-Protection Essentials (KEF–IC Alpha)*



This training in essential, real-world self-protection skills will be delivered by KEF–IC Instructor Justin Qubrosi. Owner of Kando Martial Arts, Highett, Justin is a 3rd Dan Black-belt in the Kando self-defence system developed by former policeman and tactical trainer Paul Veldman. He is also a certified instructor of Floro Fighting Systems and kalis Illustrisimo (a Filipino weaponry method), both under edged-weapon expert Guro Raymond Floro. Having trained in martial arts since childhood, Justin remains a dedicated practitioner of these arts as well as muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.