Citypiss FINAL EVER SHOW until the next one (album 4 launch)

Citypiss FINAL EVER SHOW until the next one (album 4 launch)

8:00pm, Fri 9 August, 2024
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For years now Brisbane, much like the rest of the world, has been tested over and over again with trials, tribulations, pandemics and natural disasters. Hope and resources are running thin and there’s only one band who can restore all things precious to our way of life and the universe as a whole. This band is Citypiss, the greatest band in the world and the Queef of the Brisbane music scene. 

Returning to The Outpost one last time, again, to launch their 4th album and manifest God’s presence for all of Brisbane’s naysayers and fans of the band. This will be a truly Holy and transcendental experience that our Grandchildren’s Grandchildren may do a Google search about one day. 

Reno and DVD (first ever show) will be joining the proceedings to initiate contact with the great unknown and have you elated in dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins beyond the usual runner’s high. 

This is not to be missed.

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