Moshtix now supports Apple Passbook


What is Passbook?

Passbook is an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch application that keeps all your event tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and gift vouchers in a single location.


What devices support Passbook?

Passbook is automatically installed on the new iPhone 5, and older iPhone and iPod Touch models that upgrade to iOS 6.


How do I add tickets to Passbook?

When you buy tickets from Moshtix, your confirmation email will include a link to your Moshfile account where you can download either PDF tickets or Passbook passes. The option to download Passbook passes will only appear if you are viewing your Moshfile account on a support iOS device.

When you tap on your Passbook Pass, you will see an option to add the pass to Passbook.


I’ve added my ticket to Passbook, but now I can’t find it.

Once tickets are added to Passbook, open the Apple Passbook App to see all your Moshtix tickets.


Where are the terms and conditions for my ticket?

Open your Pass in Passbook and Tap the ‘I’ icon at the bottom right of your ticket to view extra information. You can also update your Pass or delete it from Passbook.


What happens when I get to the venue?

When you get near to your event, Passbook will send you a notification that will take you straight to your pass when you tap at it. Simply scan your phone at the entry gate and enjoy the event!


What about PDF tickets?

Passbook passes are an alternative to PDF tickets. Moshtix will continue to send you your PDF tickets in your confirmation email, and you can reprint PDF tickets from your Moshfile account.


What ticket types does Passbook support?

Passbook is currently only supported for orders with a single barcode eg if you have 1 ticket for a single entry or 1 ticket for multiple entries but not for multiple tickets. 


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