How To Re-sell Your Spilt Milk Ticket!
How To Re-sell Your Spilt Milk Ticket!

To offer your Spilt Milk ticket for resale go to and select the ‘Join/Sign in’ button on the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Enter the email address you used when you purchased your tickets and also your password and click on Sign in.


Once you have logged into your account go to the Manage Tickets section, find your Spilt Milk 2018 tickets, and select the RE-SELL button.


Follow the steps on this page to offer your unwanted tickets for resale.

Be extremely careful to select the correct ticket as this CAN NOT BE CHANGED later on.


Read through the Terms and Conditions carefully and once you are certain you understand those select the check box ‘Accept’.


Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation notice on screen, and you will also be sent an email invoice/confirmation.


You will notice the status of your ticket will now have changed to 'Pending Re-Sale'.

If your ticket is purchased by another person, you will receive an email outlining the refund amount that will be placed back onto the card used for the original purchase.

Your ticket status will also update to ‘RE-SOLD TICKET'.



An official ticket resale facility will be available via Moshtix from August 2nd. This will allow those who can no longer attend Spilt Milk 2018 the chance to offer their unwanted tickets up for resale to another party. For those who are looking to buy a ticket, this is the best way to secure a legitimate ticket to the sold out Spilt Milk 2018.

Beware of scalpers and scammers on third party websites such as Gumtree, Viagogo and Facebook. There have been multiple reports of people purchasing fake or duplicate tickets and you run the risk of being turned away on the day.

We STRONGLY recommend you do not attempt to buy a ticket from anybody unless it’s via the official resale system on Moshtix, where tickets will be resold at the original sale price subject to availability.


• Re-sale opens for sellers & the re-issue facility opens- 12pm Thursday 2nd August
• Re-sale opens for buyers- 12pm Monday 6 August
• Re-sale facility closes- 12pm Friday 9 November
• Re-issue facility closes- 9am Saturday 17 November


How far in advance of the event / how close to the event can I re-sell tickets?
Those intending to offer their unwanted event tickets for SALE may do so from Thursday 2nd August at 12pm until Friday 9th of November at 12pm (AEDT), however we encourage you to list your unwanted tickets for resale as early as possible, to ensure the best possible chance of having them sold before the end of the resale period.

No refunds, exchanges, or resales can be made after the close of the resale.

What if I'm not the original purchaser?
Tickets can only be offered for resale by the original purchaser of the tickets. If you are a ticket holder and wish to offer your ticket for resale, you will need to arrange the resale of your ticket with the original purchaser of the tickets whose moshtix account was used for the purchase.

I put my ticket up for resale, how do I know if it's been sold?
You can check the status of your tickets offered for resale by logging in to your moshtix account, and viewing your tickets.
Ticket Statuses:
Valid- Your ticket is valid for entry and has not been listed for resale or reissued.
Pending Re-Sale- Your request to re-sell your ticket has been received and your ticket is waiting to be purchased by another buyer.
Re-sold Ticket- Your ticket has now been re-sold to another fan. Your initial purchase will be refunded back to the credit card you used to originally purchase your ticket, less booking fees, and your ticket is no longer valid for use.

You will be notified via email once your ticket has been re-sold and purchased by another customer. You will also receive a refund notification via email however the funds may take 5 business days to appear on your credit card statement used for the purchase.

Can I nominate a friend to purchase my unwanted ticket?
Sellers cannot nominate a preferred purchaser. Returned tickets go into a general 'pool' available for purchase by other, unknown persons.

Why can't I sell my Moshtix ticket anywhere else?
Your ticket has your name on it, which means it is strictly non-transferable to another person. Any ticket sold by any means other than Moshtix official resale facility will be invalid for use as the name of the ticket holder will not match the Moshtix database. Tickets re-sold, or offered for resale, in an unauthorised manner may also result in all tickets in the order being cancelled without refund, along with all ticket holders being refused entry to the venue. This includes tickets offered for resale via online third party websites, such as Facebook, Viagogo and Gumtree.

What does the resale service cost?
The resale facility for sellers is free.If your ticket is then sold through Moshtix your ticket will be cancelled and the original amount paid for the ticket, less booking and transaction fees will be refunded to the credit card used for the original purchase. You will be notified via email once the refund for a resold ticket has been processed.

When do I get my money back?
Refunds are not guaranteed and you will only get your money back if your ticket is purchased by another fan. Until they are re-sold, the tickets remain your property and no funds are owed to you. If your ticket gets purchased by another fan, we will refund the original ticket price (less booking fees) to the original credit card used to purchase. Should your ticket remain unsold at the end of the resale period, the ticket remains valid for your use by the original ticket holder.

What if my credit card has expired or been cancelled since the original purchase?
If your credit card has been cancelled or expired since you originally purchased the tickets you will receive an email asking you to contact Moshtix Ticket Support. Ticket Support will ask for your bank details and will arrange a manual refund into your bank account. This can take up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed.

What happens if my tickets don't sell?
If your ticket remains unsold after the end of the resale period on Wednesday 15th of November at 5:00pm, the ticket remains valid and is deemed the property of the original ticket holder, who will still be able to use the ticket should they still be able attend the festival. Spilt Milk tickets are not refundable unless purchased by another fan, so any ticket refund in not guaranteed.

Can I sell the tickets at a discount if I want to make sure they sell?
No. Tickets are only offered for resale at face value.

Can I change the name on my ticket without reselling it?
For a fee of $20 you can change the name on your ticket directly through Moshtix.


Where can I find the resale tickets?
If resale tickets are available you'll find them on the Spilt Milk ticket page here from 12pm Monday August 6th.

Does my name need to be on my ticket?
The name on your ticket needs to match your current photo identification to gain entry into Spilt Milk. Names on tickets will be checked to match your ID at the entry point.

How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?
In the resale you will only be able to purchase a maximum amount of 4 tickets per person where available.

Can I buy my friends tickets in the resale?
Sellers cannot nominate a preferred purchaser. Returned tickets go into a general 'pool' available for purchase by other, unknown persons.

I’m on the waitlist, when can I buy the resale tickets?
Those wanting to BUY a ticket have the opportunity to do so, subject to availability, 12pm Monday August 6th (AEDT) here, with a code that will be emailed waitlist subscribers. You can access resale tickets up until 12pm Friday 9th of November (AEDT). Tickets offered for resale will be made available at the regular, advertised price. We are unable to predict how many tickets will be returned, or what tickets may be available during the resale period.

I’m not on the waitlist, how do I buy one of the resale tickets?
Anyone can access the tickets that become available in the resale from 12pm Tuesday August 7th
The wait list was created for Spilt Milk fans who missed out on tickets in July and will get first access to any available tickets.

How do I get the wait list code to get tickets on Monday August 6th
You need to sign up for the waitlist here here

No refunds, exchanges, or resales can be made after the close of the resale.

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