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How do I buy a CMC Rocks QLD ticket from Resale?

Make sure you have your Moshtix account login details, credit card details, and the names and date of birth for all attendees ready!

Tickets will go on sale to those on the CMC Waitlist on Thursday 29 November 9:00am AEST (QLD time). Check your email and use the Offer Code for your exclusive access.

Otherwise, head HERE to buy your tickets.


Alternatively, if you already have a 3 day event ticket please use the Red Button on the event page to access Campsite Tickets. If tickets are available, select the amount of tickets you require.

Ensure you use the same Moshtix Account used to purchase your event tickets. Orders will be audited, and tickets will be cancelled if found to be in breach of T&C's and ticket limits.


Tickets may be in high demand, so you might have to wait in the Greenroom first.

If you're on the event page, make sure to refresh once tickets become available (your page won't automatically refresh). 

If you're in the greenroom, hang tight and don't refresh. You'll be redirected automatically once it's your time to buy!


If tickets are available, select the amount of Adult tickets you require.

NOTE: To purchase a camping ticket you MUST purchase or have already purchased a 3 day event ticket. No single day camping tickets are available to CMC Rocks QLD 2019.


This will open up selections for Youth & Junior tickets.

Youth = 15 - 17 years old
Junior = 4 – 14 years old


Once you’ve selected how many event entry tickets you need, select what kind of campground you would like.


After selecting your campground type, the system will ask you how many people are staying on your site. This will determine how many wristbands will be required.


You will also be asked if you would like to purchase an extra vehicle pass. Only 1 vehicle is allowed on your campsite but extra vehicles can be parked in the overflow parking area. Subject to availability.


Finally, there is an option for bus tickets. If you are staying in town and need a lift to and from the festival each day, please select the route and quantity of passes you require.


Click BUY TICKETS to complete your order


Sign in to your Moshtix account using your email address and password.
Or ‘Sign in with Facebook’


Enter the names and date of birth for all attendees.

Names & DOBs must match IDs that are shown at entry. No name changes allowed!

If you bought camping ticket/s, use the tick box to copy the event attendee details to camping ticket/s.


Would you like to opt-in for CMC Rocks news? Click ‘Yes’!

If you would like to read our privacy policy please click here

Read our Privacy Policy Review the terms and conditions of sale and tick the ‘Yes’ checkbox.


Your booking fee and transaction fee have been applied to your order. 

1) Select your payment method.
2) Enter your payment details.
3) Check your total
4) Click ‘Pay Now’

5) Bask in the glory of reaching the Order Confirmation Page!


NOTE: Your tickets are secure only when your payment has been successfully completed.

Unable to complete the payment process?

It’s most likely that the allocation has exhausted for one or more of your tickets. Try again to buy a different ticket type!


Buyers FAQ’s

How do I know when tickets are being released?
Tickets will be released randomly and unpredictably between Thursday 29 November 2018 12:00pm AEST (QLD time) and Sunday 10 March 2019 11:59pm AEST (QLD time). We suggest you check the CMC Rocks QLD event page as tickets can become available at any time during the resale period.

How will I know that tickets are available to purchase?
You will need to keep a close eye on the CMC Rocks QLD event page on the Moshtix website and if tickets are available you'll be able to select a quantity of tickets from a drop down. If there are no tickets currently available to purchase you will see Allocation Exhausted under the Quantity column.

*Note: Your tickets are only allocated once payment is processed successfully.

How can I be sure that I'm buying a genuine ticket?
Moshtix offers this service with the official endorsement of the event promoter. Any tickets available via Moshtix were originally purchased via Moshtix as electronic tickets. Once your purchase is approved you will be issued tickets with a brand new barcode so the previous buyer no longer has valid tickets.

What fees or charges are involved?
Customers who wish to purchase a ticket(s) available for purchase via the Resale Facility will be able to purchase tickets only at the original price plus booking and transaction fees. No scalping! This is the only way to buy fair, safe and legitimate tickets to CMC Rocks QLD 2019.

What is the latest time tickets may be available for purchase?
Tickets offered for resale will be available for purchase up until Sunday 10 March 2019 11:59pm AEST (QLD time) (subject to availability & closing date subject to change at organiser's discretion).

If I buy a resold ticket via Moshtix, will it have my name on it?
Tickets purchased via the Moshtix Resale Facility work exactly the same way as those originally sold to the event via Moshtix. This means that whenever an event promoter has required us to collect name and/or date of birth information for each ticket, this information will also be required for tickets purchased via the resale.

If I buy a ticket via the resale, can I also resell it on Moshtix later?
Yes. Please follow the Sellers FAQ guide.

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