Featured Artist: The Cat Empire

Written by Jay-Dee on 4th November, 2019
Featured Artist: The Cat Empire

Formed in Melbourne just over two decades ago, The Cat Empire's success still continues to soar. Having entertained thousands across Australia with their feel-good, highly energetic performances, the group take on Bluesfest Byron Bay this Easter. We caught up with 'Jumps' aka Jamshid Khadiwhala from the band ahead of their trip to the iconic surfing town in Northern NSW.

1. What's the first-ever album you purchased?

I had an older brother, so I was listening to most things he was interested in! When I finally had enough pocket money, I bought James Brown In The Jungle Groove.

2. What artist would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

At this stage, I would love to work with Pat Thomas, a Ghanaian musician (check out more on Pat Thomas here on Pitchfork).

3. Can you walk us through your festival pre-show ritual?

An hour before the show I make sure I'm in my stage clothes, will have a little drink, then I'll check my gear is ok with our stage manager Andy. Check the setlist and maybe the odd stretch and a little jumping round to get the blood pumping.

4. What's the most memorable gig you've ever played?

Many shows have been memorable for lots of reasons, I guess after reading this question, our sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall was very memorable. We played well and lots of friends and family were present in such a spectacular venue.

Listen to a live recording of 'Brighter Than Gold' from Royal Albert Hall below.

The Cat Empire play Bluesfest on Thursday 9 April 2020.

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