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Y.O.G.A Hurricane Tour

Y.O.G.A Hurricane Tour

7:30pm, Sat 6 August, 2022
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Y.O.G.A. is a new music project from Reuben Styles. In Peking Duk, his songs frequently explore ideas of freedom and the feeling of breaking loose. Y.O.G.A., short for “You’re Only Great Always”, does the same. But with a significant twist. Here Reuben seeks to disrupt the stigma Australian culture places upon mental health.
 Hurricane is the latest release by Reuben Styles' project Y.O.G.A.
 Tracy Chapman and Townes Van Zandt inspired the sounds and styles in the song after solely listening to them for a couple of months at the height of the pandemic... Eventually, of course, a twist of Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western sounds was added, and thus a song was born.
 Lyrically Hurricane is brought to a place of self-reflection, a time in Reuben's life when he had been taken in almost entirely by an alcohol dependency. And whilst the song lyrics leave you in ambiguous limbo. Although they don't quite reach a happy ending... the video [shot in and around Rankin Springs, far west New South Wales] has an incredible resolve at the end, where he checks himself into rehabilitation and addresses the problems. If you want it, help is always available, and you never need to let it get too far before checking in.
 Y.O.G.A.'s Hurricane 2022 Tour of Australia is setting off on July 15 and has 7 stops around the country. The hoedown begins.

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