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New World Artists, Team Trick and Dew Process present:


8:00pm, Sat 12 October, 2019
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Having steadily grown his audience and reputation over the last few years with hard work, brilliant stage craft, and an undeniable talent for writing beautiful music – today, Melbourne-via-Wollongong singer-songwriter, Tyne-James Organ, finally announces his long-awaited, debut EP, Persevere, out September 20 via Dew Process and Universal Music Australia.

The man known for wearing his heart on his tight, white sleeve is still reeling from a knock out performance to a packed crowd at Splendour In The Grass last month, as well as supporting folk rock heroes The Lumineers, and releasing his blistering new rock single ‘Something New.’ 


Now Tyne is ready to make his largest statement of his career with his first ever record release, and to celebrate that moment he is headed out on the road to support the EP with his biggest national tour to date. He’ll be performing dates in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, starting October 11 at Rocket Bar in Adelaide.

The last few years have been an immensely transitional period for Tyne-James Organ. After the loss of his father in 2016, Tyne went on to find success with a song inspired by his dad’s passing in ‘Watch You Go.’ It was the first time the talented songwriter received national exposure, scoring a full add on triple j radio, as well as widespread media acclaim. 

From there he made the next big move of his life and relocated from his hometown of Wollongong to the arts hub of Melbourne. A failed relationship inspired his next radio hit ‘Graceful,’ and along with it came a physical transformation from surfer-kid into a man with an edge and some edgy dance moves. Then, just last month, he launched the heat-seeking missile ‘Something New,’ which alongside its predecessors was also added to high rotation on triple j and received support from Spotify and Apple Music, as well as MTV.

When you speak to Organ himself, he attributes his transformation over the last few years to the simplest of reasons – maturity. “The older I’m getting now there’s a sense of everything broadening and it’s coming with maturity. When I’m sitting down with mates and chatting, no-one’s talking shit or small talk, we’re talking about real issues in the world.”

Organ will admit, though, the relocation to Melbourne in the last couple of years has also given his songwriting a spike. “There’s something about being down here and out of my comfort zone. I’m not in a town where I have my mum or any of my family on standby. So, it’s really made me have to step my game up there. It’s definitely influenced my music – especially the cold.

“The last two years I’ve spent in a kind of solitude because I’m in my room and I’m writing and everyone in the house is out every day, so I’m here by myself. For a while I hated being caught up in my own head, thinking that I needed to be surrounded by people all the time. But now I’m happy (not happiest) when I’m alone and when I’m in a state of work. That has become my comfort zone to some degree.”

All three of Tyne’s singles appear on the newly announced track-listing for Persevere, as well as two more powerful new numbers. The heart-wrenching ‘Say No More’ closes out the EP and is one of the most tender songs Organ has penned to paper, and sees him explore the very farthest reaches of his falsetto. It’s juxtaposed by the rollicking barn-burner ‘I’ll Get By’ – a companion song to the brutally honest ‘Watch You Go,’ but ‘I’ll Get By’ is written for Tyne’s other hero, his mum, and describes her experiences during the most difficult moment of her family’s life. “She’s the strongest woman that I’ve ever met in my life. I didn’t intentionally write it as the follow up to ‘Watch You Go,’ but if people can connect with this in any way I’ve hit the goal.”

It’s that rawness and earnestness of not only the writing but the performance of his songs that has delivered Tyne-James Organ critical attention far and wide, especially from triple j, who have been major champions. A conversation with ABC Music head honcho and triple j host Richard Kingsmill for his 2018 program last year endeared him to their emphatic listener base, thanks to Organ’s unabashed honesty and knockabout demeanour. Those fans are now starting to come out in droves, both to see his shows and to celebrate the messages of his songs and what they mean to them. There aren’t as many people as honest in the Australian music industry as Tyne-James Organ. There’s also no-one that takes it less for granted. This may only be his first record – but one things for certain – you can expect it to be the first of many to come.