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REGURGITATOR 'Quarter Pounder' Tour

Consume presents:

REGURGITATOR 'Quarter Pounder' Tour

8:00pm, Mon 4 November, 2019

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REGURGITATOR - 25 Years of being Consumed!

The 'Quarter Pounder' Tour - 25 years of being consumed!
with special guests:

Emerging from one of the eddies in the independent undercurrent of Brisbane’s 90s music scene, the past 2.5 decades have been of ceaseless re-inventive spirit, playing with form and flux, the affection of self-parody, ever ambling a rickety bridge of modus vivendi, all bagged up with an effervescent outsider enthusiasm that has never left their skin. And now... to pound the quarter century mark with a fully blown visually rehabilitated retrospective of a show straddling a holographic hyperbole of antiquated technology, trawling the analogue back through the digital.

And when it comes to those ubiquitous lists... 

Maybe 11 ALBUMS or so if you count the live, Jingles compilation and latest kids releases;

EPS surely must be 7 of these at least... and in their time maybe 16 singles, a few 7inches and 5 or so DVD releases. And MUSIC VIDEOS feels like maybe 47 or so of those… SHIRTS jeez, must have been close to 120 or so designs spread across... approximately 905 PERFORMANCES or thereabouts including maybe 25 national headline tours, 6 Big Day Out tours, so many festivals you could poke a stick at... along  with some great times playing with DEVO, Boredoms, The Prodigy, TISM, Audio Active, CIV, The Mint Chicks, Ratatat, Senyawa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helmet, The Melvins and more including the odd collaborative excursions into theatre, dance, live soundtracks and generally just bent on allowing an unstable ingenuity... and on that note who could forget 21 days inside a glass BUBBLE!

Whatever the extent of this output means in the greater scheme of things the obvious inconsistencies have always been the open pursuit of creative probity, humour above serious intent, sustainable mentalities above any need for dominance, and about as honest unto themselves as possible - whomever that might be? All in all just playing to the ad-hoc... making it all up as it goes.

And that we were… and that we are. A little over a month before the Quarter Pounder is over cooked and served hot for your divertissement - the factory is fully tilted with processing the small goods - a veritable scoff of tunes covering our respective time at play all slathered in a creamy dash of visual mania and costumes galore (in collaboration with Spod, Ken Weston and Cindy Vogels) that will leave your mouth wandering the floor.

To give a little requested Northside attention in Melbourne, what with the Corner sold out so early in the piece, the punisher has managed to locate a HOWLER of a show for MON 4 NOV. Joining us for this head-brush of a warp drive through our times is none other than Japan's coruscating icons of sugar punk power popsters SHONEN KNIFE. 

Since their pure DIY beginnings in 1981, Osaka, Japan's Shonen Knife have been building a faithful following of music enthusiasts and the alternative rock elite. Their relentless journey secured the band's place as one of the pioneer ambassadors of Japanese rock music and culture on the international stage. In 2019 the trio charges ahead towards their 4th decade of international touring and recording with their 19th studio release “Sweet Candy Power”.The band features original members (and sisters) Naoko on Vocals and Guitar, Atsuko on Bass and Vocals and introduces their newest member, Risa, on Drums and Vocals. Naoko describes the "Sweet Candy Power" album as "This album is homage to my favorite 1960’s and 1970’s rock music. Also I put all of enjoyment, entertainment, joyful and delightful from me into songs. Inspired by my experience during tours and my daily life, I wrote lyrics with fun and a little bit of ironical viewpoint. I hope people get happy through this album." presented through the lens of SK's charismatically executed,  sunshine and candy filled fantasy world. Latest album “Sweet Candy Power”, stocked up with 10 brand new songs including "I Feel Dizzy", is out JUNE 5 worldwide.