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8:00pm, Sat 10 August, 2019

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“The love for these tight knit locals will continue to spread…” 


"The first time I ever heard Pony Face I was hypnotised and agitated all at once. I couldn't move until I inhaled every last, achingly beautiful sound…”  

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"Pony Face are pure class. Unhurried sonic explorers looking for light even in the dark, quiet corners of song. Despite their impressive back catalogue, one has the sense their best work is still to come..."

Karen Leng - DoubleJ

Located in the heart of Melbourne (Rock City), Australia, there is a shining dark neon secret. 

Whether travelling through, giving up or on the run, Pony Face - Motel is the place to stay!

Enjoy satellite TV, a clean pool as well as the finest complimentary shampoo lotion.

Pony Face release their 6th Album, Motel, produced by Casey Rice (dirty three, tortoise) released through Cobra Snake Neck Tie Records. It’s a short stay night time record, laden with incendiary guitars, dark synth and shoe-gaze vibrations that’s thicker and warmer than a winter’s blanket.

Pony Face will perform and launch Motel, Saturday August 10th at Howler, Brunswick with special guests to be announced.

“They allow the music to breathe with possibilities, their supple songs insinuate themselves into the mind, their playing fuses them with the imagination. 

They are so much more than the sum of their parts”

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