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8:00pm, Sun 21 January, 2024
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Doors Open: 8pm | Oxxxymiron: 8.30pm


Russian rap legend Oxxxymiron is going on tour for the first time in 6 years — and it’s a world tour. Spanning 6 continents, the 2023/2024 tour follows the rapper being banned from performing in Russia for condemning the invasion of Ukraine since day 1. While officially designated a “foreign agent” by the State, the rapper has for the last 15 years built an enormous fan base both at home and across the world. He will be presenting his most recent album “Beauty and Ugliness” as well as his classics and lesser-known gems.

Miron Yanovich Fyodorov was born on 31 January 1985 in Leningrad, USSR. Known by the stage name Oxxxymiron, he is one of the most influential and prominent hip-hop artists in Russia and CIS.

His biography is chequered to say the least. At age 9, in 1994, Miron left Russia to join his family in Essen, Germany, where his father worked as a physics Professor. Miron was only 13 when he began to rap, influenced by the local German scene and his experiences as an immigrant. When he was 15, his family moved one again, this time to the United Kingdom. In 2004, Miron was admitted to the University of Oxford. He graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in English Language and Literature with focus on the Middle Ages, while keeping his passion for music alive. At University, he was known for being the President of the Russian student society for several successful terms, inviting high-profile guest speakers and hosting events.

After university, Miron moved to London’s Canning Town where he once again immersed himself in hip-hop culture and began to record and publish his tracks online. In the meantime he earned his living with a medley of full- and part-time jobs including those of a private tutor & concierge for wealthy CIS families. Years later, these experiences were turned into a Russian TV series "Londongrad" for which he also wrote the theme song. 

In 2011, while living in Canning Town, Miron released his debut album, which now has cult status. He followed up with other seminal bodies of work including "miXXXtape I" and "miXXXtape II: "The Long Way Home". A quickly expanding fan base led to the first tours in Russia and CIS countries. 

Eager to capitalize on this early success, Miron moved back to Russia, winning the GQ Russia award for breakthrough act in 2012. Employed as an artist by the concert agency Booking Machine in 2012, he eventually became the agencies' CEO for two years from 2018 to 2019 and has been self-employed since then. 

In 2015 he released his most well-known record, the critically acclaimed "Gorgorod". The album is generally credited as a game changer and was one of the records which broke hip-hop into the Russian mainstream. It is also the only record to ever have been nominated for the prestigious literary prize in honor of the philosopher Alexander Pyatigorsky. Miron is also widely credited with introducing Eastern Europe to the phenomenon of rap battles and is currently the 2nd most viewed battle rapper in the world with over 170 million views. 

He toured extensively in 2016-2017 with solo shows in the largest venues in Russia, selling out Moscow’s Olympiskiy Stadium (25 000 people) and Saint Petersburg’s Ledovyi Stadium (11 000 people) as well as the Palace of Sports in Kyiv, Ukraine (10 000 people). Overall during the two most recent years of touring around 200 000 people attended Miron’s concerts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Europe and the UK. 

Miron is famous for dominating the album charts throughout the years. None of his albums ever left the Russian top 200 Apple Music album charts, with the most recent one, "Beauty and Ugliness", staying in TOP-10 for 9 consecutive months since it was released on 1 Dec 2021 - after a musical hiatus of several years. 

During this hiatus, Miron became an outspoken critic of authoritarianism and censorship in Russia. He used his influence to help free political prisoners and organized prominent events such as the theatre performance "Syad' Za Text" which featured dozens of A-list celebrities supporting free speech. In 2019-2021 he actively participated in protests against the Russian government's use of force against the opposition. In 2019, he was awarded the Helsinki Group prize for "Defending human rights through culture and art".

On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 Miron released a video unequivocally condemning the actions of the Russian government. The statement quickly racked up over 10 million views and has been published by every major news outlet across the world.











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