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7:00pm, Mon 15 April, 2019

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We have another excellent 3-speaker lineup for you in April where speakers will be discussing energy, metals in the body and what aging looks like. Come join us at Howler in Brunswick, for $16 burger and pot deals whilst you are learning.

*Presentation 1

Absolute power: a generalist’s guide to energy - by Tom Lang

Energy. Your kid has too much of it, you don’t have enough, it can never be created or destroyed, and telemarketers can save you money on it. It’s all a bit complicated, but there’s one thing we know for sure: it’s not matter. Or maybe it is. The jury’s still out there too. So what is energy, how is it different from electricity, why do we need it, and how can we make enough of it without destroying the planet? What’s the go with coal? What’s the go with nuclear? What’s the go with cow farts? This talk will answer some of your burning, radiating, or rapidly rotating questions. There will be graphs.


*Presentation 2

Metals in the body: an X-ray investigation - Dr Claire Weekley

Your body needs various metals to survive — copper, iron, and even molybdenum. Yet we’ve barely scraped the surface in our understanding of the roles metals play in human health and disease. Metals in biology are famously hard to study – and that’s where X-rays come in. The synchrotron (basically a football-field-sized X-ray microscope) allows scientists to ‘shine an X-ray light’ on metals in biological samples and learn what they’re really up to. Join Claire for a tour that spans the Periodic Table, synchrotrons and the mysteries of the metals in your body.

*Presentation 3

#LiveYourBestLife - Dr Kylie Quinn

World demographics are getting older - and you're getting older too! While we all know what ageing looks like (and some of us know what ageing feels like…), it remains a bit of a mystery as to what ageing actually is in terms of a biological process. Dr Quinn is here to explain what the lead suspects are for causes of ageing, she’ll run you through currently proven mechanisms that speed up or slow down ageing and she’ll explain why our ultimate goal right now is to extend healthspan, rather than lifespan, so we’ll all be able to live our best lives in the future.