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Lvl 1 - B. C. Taylor + Smoky The Musical + Want of Peace

Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Lvl 1 - B. C. Taylor + Smoky The Musical + Want of Peace

7:00pm, Tue 21 December, 2021

Event Details

Three of Sydney's finest singer-songwriters

'One Night In December, three of Sydney's finest singer-songwriters will take to the stage at the renowned Lazybones Lounge. In the perfect wind-down before the Christmas surge, three unique, local voices will strip back their stories for an intimate evening of song.

B. C. Taylor brings his own comfortable blend of earthy warble and rumbling croon, holding tight to settled, relatable song structures to allow the audience in, before taking them away. A pleasant, comfortable brood of country, indie, folk and rock.

Smoky the Musical - She's Judy Garland with a Tom Waits problem. A variety of musical influences manifest in an over-reliance on diminished chords to create interest, blues explosions, confronting themes and whimsical comedy

Want of Peace - the artistic diary of singer/songwriter Grant Rutups. It is a project that has two conceptual albums and three animated music videos to its name, all visualised and completed by Grant himself. Whether its lo-fi spaced out meditations or claustrophobic pop ballads; ‘Want of Peace’ provides an original experience replete with boundless creativity and talent.

$30 entry includes a meal 🍕🍲 

7pm doors

8.30pm band

Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar is a  COVID Safe ✅. You must follow the conditions of entry