Ivan Aristeguieta -  Comedy Fundraiser

Laughing Stock Productions presents

Ivan Aristeguieta - Comedy Fundraiser Tickets

7:00pm, Sat 8 July, 2017

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Join us for a hilarious evening of comedy, with a line up boasting some of our funniest comedians and hosted by Australia's favourite immigrant, Ivan Aristeguieta, as he and his mates raise money for his homeland, Venezeula.Your laughs will help send medical supplies to Venezuela, a country going through a humanitarian crisis.  

The Human Rights Watch Organisation declared: "In Venezuela, severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food have intensified since 2014, and weak government responses have undermined Venezuelans' rights to health and food. Security forces have arbitrarily detained and tortured protesters, and raids in low-income communities have led to widespread allegations of abuse. Other persistent concerns include poor prison conditions and impunity for human rights abuses"     All funds collected will used to buy first aid materials and medicines and will be delivered directly to a group of medical students at the Venezuela's Central University which has the main Medicine Department and the biggest and most important public hospital of the country.  

For more info on the crisis please go to www.hrw.org/americas/venezuela