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2:00pm, Fri 5 November, 2021 - 10:00pm, Sun 28 November, 2021
Light, SA

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What does it feel like to be completely surrounded by a digital world that responds to the way you move?

What does it feel like to throw paint over an entire city? Or dive under the water to see fish mimic your movements? Audiences will get a chance to find out for the first time in November when Light ADL launches its inaugural month-long event, IMMERSE, featuring a revolutionary new immersive experience set in The Ellipse, a space completely surrounded by LED screens.                                         

It’s called Immersion and it will run at Light, Adelaide’s new not-for-profit home for technology-inspired performance and art, throughout November. On entrance, audiences will walk into a vibrant portal that can take them anywhere. During each session, special sensors will allow them to become part of the performance, driving the visuals with the movement of their bodies.                                                                        

Director of IMMERSE, Nathan Bazley, says Immersion will be a feast for the senses. “I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to walk into a room where the walls dissolve away and an awe-inspiring landscape stretches out around you. But then, to have that landscape begin to respond to your movements is another thing again. Together with your friends and family, it really has to be experienced to be believed.”

Immersion is narrated by Erik Thomson and will take audiences on a vivid 45-minute journey through time to discover how water has shaped our state. From 50 million years ago when this land was covered in dense rainforests, to the celestial significance of local waterways to the Kaurna nation, Immersion reveals how those same molecules that arrived from the furthest reaches of our solar system still connect us today. 

“Imagine Virtual Reality, but shared with 39 other people and not a headset or controller in sight. As you walk around the Ellipse, the screens will take you to different stunning locations.

“This show will amaze both young and old.”              

But the sensory overload doesn’t end there. Visitors will also be able to extend their experience at IMMERSE by booking a matching premium tasting experience, featuring some of the best South Australian produce, hand-crafted by Aurora’s award-winning head chef, Brendan Wessels. These tasting journeys will also be accentuated by Augmented Reality technology, helping reveal notes on tasting and provenance. There will be many other surprises throughout the building for guests to explore throughout IMMERSE, too.

  • THE LAB – from the vibrant live evening performances throughout the month, to the new and unique shows commissioned for this event such as Phenomena Immersive – an amazing visual show with a soundtrack by Kim Moyes of the Presets, specially adapted for THE LAB
  • Free activations of light, sound and interactivity throughout the building 
  • Extended opening hours and entertainment options in all of LIGHT’S casual hospitality spaces, BEAGS and pop-up IMMERSE Bar. 
  • AURORA, Light’s award-winning restaurant, will host special IMMERSE 5 and 7 course degustations throughout the month.               

It’s all happening right here in Adelaide, with proceeds helping to support Light’s vital work in promoting new artistic opportunities, cultural expression and social inclusion. 

Light Founder, Nick Dunstone said: “IMMERSE is a great way to highlight the amazing spaces we have at Light – the incredible digital experiences we can produce – and help support the LIGHT CULTURAL FOUNDATION, a charity designed to support emerging artists.”      

Tickets are on sale now. Head to www.immerseadl.com.au to find out more.