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House of Vnholy Part 1- SIGHT; a blinding light

The Lab X Immerse

House of Vnholy Part 1- SIGHT; a blinding light

8:30pm, Fri 19 November, 2021

Event Details

SIGHT is a live collaboration between sound artist Jannah Quill and light artist House of Vnholy

A two part installation series created by House of Vnholy in response to venue The Lab at Light Adelaide. ‘Marooned at sea of blackened hopes and dreams’ is a visual poem through light, video, object and sound that explores the tumultuous and undulating emotional stasis of isolation and the body that is at odds with the world around it. Buried in darkness this two part series will explore anguish and hope as we all globally search desperately for meaning, understanding and union. A sculptural response of light and material on a back drop of LED screens, parts one and two will move from stark monochromatic environments to extreme bursts of colour. Over two nights, House of Vnholy has curated collaborations of artists that have been invited to respond to the theme and installations that will take over the space and perform within and around them. 

Part 1 SIGHT

Set on an island of arid black gravel rock, monochromatic and sharp angular shapes cut through a thick ambiance of dread and blackened hope, focused yet blinding. House of Vnholy will be joined by Adelaide native and long time friend SPRIRITS aka Brett Davis (ex.Love Like... Electrocution, My Sister The Cop) Together they will perform a never seen/heard before live set of sound, light and video drawing on ambient, minimal, dark rhythmic sampling and live percussion. WARNING: This performance contains strobing and sustained loud noise