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Dicey's Saturdays X Great Southern Nights w/ Mini Skirt // Solid Effort // Mimi The Desert Pearl

Yours & Owls presents

Dicey's Saturdays X Great Southern Nights w/ Mini Skirt // Solid Effort // Mimi The Desert Pearl

8:00pm, Sat 14 November, 2020

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MINISKIRT - hit like a sunburn, a dry, stinging take on garage rock that doesn’t rely on an identity  centred around drinking VB. 

Originating the all over the NSW coastline, Mini Skirt now call the North Coast home. Their noisy body of  work is underpinned by lyricist and visual artist Jacob Boylan, working with themes parallel to his artwork – his lyrical brushstrokes paint a picture of what it’s like to be young in Australia now. Every verse and  chorus is a well-crafted and concise assessment of the current Australian social climate, so compelling  you’ll be replaying each song to make sure you caught every word he has to say.  

Their on-stage antics a reflection of their frustration – Jacob writhes around the stage like a man  possessed - every vein in his head and neck straining to burst, in an almost black and white cintrast, between tracks they trade light hearted banter and conversation fit for the lounge room. 

Their latest single Pretty is all what makes Mini Skirt, Mini Skirt. An honest account of modern times, a fist  full of anger and a sprinkle of non-chalance rounded out in to a hard hitting 1:47 seconds worth of in your  face, stabbing guitars and drums. 

This is what makes MINISKIRT so refreshing…Finally, we have a punk band that actually stands for  something or better yet – nothing at all. 

Great Southern Nights is a new event to kick-start the recovery of the live music industry – featuring 1000 COVID-safe gigs across Sydney and Regional NSW, throughout November 2020 (Australian Music Month). Great Southern Nights is a NSW Government initiative, delivered by Destination NSW in partnership with ARIA. For more information, please visit greatsouthernnights.com.au